Our Story

The Population Health Research Network (PHRN) is a ground-breaking program aimed at creating Australia's first national data linkage network.

Established with the backing of the Australian Government (as part of the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy) and supported by every Australian state and territory, the PHRN has built a network that will enable existing health data from around the nation to be brought together and made available for vital health and health related research purposes.

This research enables health care planners, providers and policy makers to respond more effectively to the changing needs of the Australian population.

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What we do

The PHRN is creating a data linkage infrastructure to greatly improve health and related research across Australia. Read more

It is a significant collaboration involving governments, universities and key medical research institutes. Read more

What is the PHRN?

The PHRN is a nationwide data linkage infrastructure.

What we have learnt

Data linkage plays an important role in health care planning both in Australia and overseas. It has the capacity to influence the way we live, the way we are treated and the way we survive. Read more