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PHRN Overview 2013
Churchill Fellowship Report by Felicity Flack 2011
Researcher consultations: Final Report
Client Services Consultations: Final Report
Metadata Consultation - Final Report
PHRN Metadata Guidelines

PHRN Submissions

2017 Draft National Research Infrastructure Roadmap
  Development of a framework for secondary use of my health record data
  National Digital Health Strategy Consultation
  Review Australia Health Performance
  National Health Genomics Policy
  Therapeutics Goods Administration - Strengthening Monitoring of Medicines in Australia
  WA Medtech Stocktake
2016 Productivity Commission Education Evidence Base Inquiry
  Productivity Commission Education Evidence Base Inquiry Draft Report
  Medical Research Future Fund Strategy Submission
  Medical Research Future Fund Priorities Submission
  Western Australian Data Linkage Review
  Productivity Commission Data Availability and Use Inquiry
  Productivity Commission Data Availability and Use Draft Report
  National Research Infrastructure Roadmap Consultation
  Revisions to the National statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research
2015 Principles for Accessing and Using Publicly Funded Data for Health Research
  Senate's Education and Employment References Committee inquiry
  Electronic health records and healthcare identifiers
  Senate's Select Committee on Health's inquiry into health policy, administration and expenditure
2013 Big Data Strategy Issues Paper
  Review of Chapter 2.3 of the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research
2012 Revisions to the National statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research
  Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research
  National Research Investment Plan Discussion Paper

PHRN Annual Reviews

PHRN Annual Review 2016/2017
PHRN Annual Review 2015/2016
PHRN Annual Review 2014/2015
PHRN Annual Review 2013/2014  
PHRN Annual Review 2012/2013  
PHRN Annual Review 2011/2012 
PHRN Annual Review 2010/2011 

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Better Data Better Health
Accessing Cross Jurisdictional Linked Data
Linked Data for Long term follow up Clinical Trials Participants


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The Population Health Research Network (PHRN) researcher newsletter is a quarterly newsletter for researchers and data users who want to be informed about the services and facilities provided by the PHRN. Keep up-to-date with news from data linkage units and the SURE, as well as PHRN initiatives, topic refreshers, training opportunities, recommended reading, and upcoming events. Please subscribe to the newsletter by emailing the PHRN Program Office.

PHRN Presentations

Population Health Data Analysis from Infrastructure to Innovation Conference, February 2012 - PHRN: Building national data linkage partnerships & innovative research capacity across Australia   

ACTA Summit 2016, November 2016 - Unlocking the potential of administrative data