PHRN Participant Council

The PHRN Participant Council (the Council) is chaired by Professor Brendon Kearney and is comprised of eight members.The Council provides advice, including making recommendations as appropriate, to the PHRN Board on strategy, policy, funding priorities, stakeholder engagement, performance and accountability. The Council also provides advice to the Board on matters as requested by the Board and matters initiated by the Council.

The PHRN Participant Council's Terms of Reference outlines the purpose, structure and conduct of the Council.

PHRN Participant Council Membership

Chair Professor Brendon Kearney
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare representative Mr Geoff Neideck
Curtin University representative Professor Archie Clements
NSW Ministry of Health representative Associate Professor Sarah Thackway
Queensland Health representative Dr Jeannette Young
Sax Institute representative Dr Martin McNamara
Tasmanian Department of Health Dr Jodi Johnson-Glading
University of South Australia for the SA NT DataLink Consortium representative Mr Andrew Stanley
Victorian Department of Health and Human Services representative Mr John King
Western Australian Department of Health Mr Rob Anderson