Policy Framework

Policy Framework

The PHRN Policy Framework outlines the policies, procedures and accountabilities directed at ensuring the PHRN infrastructure is built and operated according to the highest ethical and scientific standards and is compliant with relevant national guidelines, codes of conduct and applicable State/Territory and Commonwealth legislation. It is anticipated that the Framework will play a central role in the PHRN's robust and transparent governance processes.

The PHRN Policy Framework was endorsed by the PHRN Management Council in May 2010.  The policies, procedures and guidelines that fall under the Framework, and that have been endorsed, are listed below.

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PHRN Policies

Policy Name Effective Date
Access and Pricing 3rd February 2012
Committees 3rd February 2012
Communications 3rd February 2012
Comments/Complaints 3rd February 2012
Conflict of Interest 3rd February 2012
Consumer and Community Participation 11th June 2013
Ethics and Scientific Review 11th June 2013
Intellectual Property and Commercialisation 3rd February 2012
Privacy 11th June 2013
Scientific Research Publications 3rd February 2012
Training 3rd February 2012