PHRN COVID-19 Offering

PHRN COVID-19 Offering

PHRN COVID-19 Offering

Data has been a linchpin in the global understanding of and response to the COVID 19 pandemic. In Australia the PHRN data linkage infrastructure has made a substantial contribution to the response to the pandemic.

PHRN facilities are:

  • Helping with the management and monitoring of COVID-19 for high-risk groups in hotel quarantine as well as across the broader community.
  • Supporting the treatment of those with COVID-19 and the monitoring of health care workers who may have been exposed to the virus.
  • Assessing the pandemic’s impact on other issues including community mental health and domestic violence.

In the future PHRN data linkage infrastructure will be important in monitoring the coverage and safety of COVID 19 vaccines as they are distributed across Australia. The results of a number of research projects will also provide a better understanding of the pandemic and its effect on the health and wellbeing of Australians.

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PHRN COVID-19 Offering

Our network remains open. The network is interoperable & can source expertise, technology & data from around the country. Our expert staff are highly qualified & experienced in linkage of patient data, including population-based administrative data as well as linkage of research cohort data.

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Our next Linkage Luminaries webinar will be taking place on Wednesday 28 April at 12noon AEST, 11.30am ACST, 10am AWST with Professor John Lynch and Dr Rhiannon Pilkington from the University of Adelaide.