PHRN Access and Pricing Policy

Requirements for data access are governed by the Access and Pricing Policy. The policy was developed by the PHRN Access Committee and endorsed by the PHRN Management Council. The PHRN Access and Pricing Policy was developed to ensure a common approach to access to linkable data available through the PHRN infrastructure and includes charging for access. Click here to download the Policy.

PHRN Access and Pricing Policy

The policy covers access by data users to facilities, services and material developed as a result of PHRN NCRIS and PHRN EIF-SSI PHRN funding. This includes national health data linkage facilities and services available through the Centre for Data Linkage and the Program Office for Data Linkage as well as facilities and services in NCRIS PHRN and PHRN EIF-SSI funded state/territory data linkage units.

The policy does not apply to access by the Centre for Data Linkage to linkage variables from state and territory health data collections for the purposes of establishing a secure national data linkage facility. The details of these access arrangements are covered by the PHRN Participants' Arrangement.


Access to the PHRN Data Linkage Infrastructure will be consistent with the following principles:

  • Australia's investment in research infrastructure should be planned and developed with the aim of maximising the contributions of the research and development system to economic development, social wellbeing and environmental sustainability;Major infrastructure should be developed on a collaborative, national, non-exclusive basis. Infrastructure should serve the research and innovation system broadly, not just the host/funded institutions. PHRN NCRIS and PHRN EIF-SSI funding should encourage collaboration and co-investment among universities, government, independent and private sector research organisations. It should not be the function of NCRIS and EIFSSI to support institutional level (or small-scale collaborative) infrastructure;
  • There should be as few barriers as possible to accessing major infrastructure for those undertaking meritorious research;
  • Due regard should be given to the whole-of-life costs of major infrastructure; and
  • The infrastructure should seek to enable the fuller participation of Australian researchers in the international research system.

In addition access will be open to those whose projects comply with the following principles:

  • they are in the public interest i.e. aimed at understanding and/or improving the health and wellbeing of the Australian people;
  • they are ethically approved human research projects of scientific merit;
  • they have the approval of the relevant data custodians;
  • they are projects whose results will be available in the public domain; and
  • they are projects conducted in accordance with the relevant legislation, regulations and guidelines.