Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental Health

Description: Data records information about mental health care including the assessment, treatment, recovery and care of child and adolescent, adult and older persons in non-admitted settings. It may include mental health prevention services and day programs, psychiatric outpatients and outreach services and hospital based consultation-liaison services to admitted patients in non-psychiatric and hospital emergency settings. 
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More information: New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia
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PHRN COVID-19 Offering

Our network remains open. The network is interoperable and can source expertise, technology and data from around the country. Our expert staff are highly qualified and experienced in linkage of patient data, including population-based administrative data (such as hospital admissions, notifiable diseases and death data) as well as linkage of research cohort data. In addition, we provide secure file transfer and secure remote access services. We are able to work with other NCRIS capabilities to deliver coordinated access to national research infrastructure.

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