Online Application System

Online Application System

Online Application System (OAS)

Researchers who are interested in applying for access to linked data for cross-jurisdictional and multi-jurisdictional research projects should apply via the PHRN Online Application System. The system will allow you to:

  • use the one form to obtain approval from multiple jurisdictions;
  • submit your application to multiple jurisdictions simultaneously;
  • view approvals as they come in from data custodians and data linkage units;
  • share the application with multiple researchers for viewing and comments; and
  • manage all relevant documents in a central point.

For questions about the PHRN Online Application System please contact the PHRN Program Office on (08) 6488 8683 or by email.

Online Application System



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PHRN COVID-19 Offering

Our network remains open. The network is interoperable & can source expertise, technology & data from around the country. Our expert staff are highly qualified & experienced in linkage of patient data, including population-based administrative data as well as linkage of research cohort data.

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Our next Linkage Luminaries webinar will be taking place on Wednesday 28 April at 12noon AEST, 11.30am ACST, 10am AWST with Professor John Lynch and Dr Rhiannon Pilkington from the University of Adelaide.