Secure File Transfer and Access

Secure File Transfer and Access

The PHRN supports a network that enables approved population data from around the nation to be safely and securely:

  • transferred using a secure file transfer system and
  • analysed by researchers in a secure remote access data laboratory.

Secure File Transfer

SUFEX is a secure file transfer service for the PHRN and its stakeholders.  Through a standard software browser, registered users can send and receive data files, track recipients, delete or withdraw files, and view file reports. SUFEX is one of the options that data custodians can use to send files to the PHRN data linkage units and researchers. For more information read their flyer.

To register as a user, please email the administrator or visit the Sufex website.

Secure Access

SURE is Australia's first remote-access data research laboratory purpose-built for the analysis of linked, routinely collected data. It allows researchers to remotely access and analyse the approved data extracts provided by data custodians for their research project. Researchers see a facsimile of the screen of the remote virtual computer on their local computer screen.  Within the SURE each researcher is allocated a virtual computer which runs entirely on hardware physically located at and controlled by the SURE.   The SURE also contains extensive data storage and backup capabilities and a range of analysis software for researchers to use.

Information on the registration process, access charges, user training and system requirements is available at the SURE website.

To find out more about the SURE, please email the administrator or watch the video.


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Data linkage has a significant role in reduction of cervical cancer in Australia. The HPV vaccine was introduced in 2007, success of the vaccine was monitored by linking vaccine registers to cervical smear registers in Queensland & Victoria.

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Please note our Christmas and New Year office shutdown days and times for the Program Office and the rest of our data linkage infrastructure. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!