SURE Training

Researcher Training

Users of SURE are required to complete specific training prior to receiving access to the SURE facility. As of the 5th of August 2013, this training is being offered as 4 self-paced online modules. The face-to-face one day workshops will only be offered by special request. The implementation of a training program as a condition of accessing SURE ensures:

  • Researchers have an awareness of legal and ethical issues and considerations relating to information security and data management relevant to undertaking linked data research
  • Researchers are given detailed guidance on the features of SURE including accessing and using the system

The modules presented in the training program are:

  1. Data linkage research in Australia: An overview of the data linkage process and the development of linked data research in Australia
  2. Responsibilities of a researcher: An overview of the legal and ethical considerations of researchers when conducting linked data research
  3. Information security: The current approach to information security in linked data research and a description of the security model of SURE
  4. Statistical disclosure analysis: An introduction to principles and methods of statistical disclosure analysis and statistical disclosure control

To apply for access to the online SURE training course please apply here.

If you have any queries about the training program, please email the SURE team on