Case Studies

Case Studies

In Australia and overseas, research using linked data has had a significant impact on health services. To learn more about the role of data linkage, both in health research and related areas, we invite you to read our featured case studies. 

Postpartum Depression
Two comprehensive mental health studies analysing the data of more than 450,000 new mothers have revealed some striking trends. These findings could have a significant impact on mental health treatment and public policy in Australia. click here to watch our short video.

Heart Surgery in Octogenarians
The researchers found that age was not a significant risk factor in elderly patients undergoing aortic valve replacement. Click here for our short animation on heart surgery.

Australia’s border hopping hospital hot spots
Analysis of 44 million hospital records from QLD, NSW, SA and WA has found that more than 200,000 patients travelled interstate to receive treatment.

Rural patients not receiving the recommended colorectal cancer treatments 
A South Australia study has found that older patients or ones living in rural areas are far less likely to receive the recommended treatments for colorectal cancer.

Women and teenagers most at risk of paracetamol overdose
Women and 15-19-year-olds are the most likely to suffer a paracetamol overdose, a comprehensive study using nearly 15,000 hospital records has found. The researchers suggest that improving general awareness and support for mental health initiatives could reduce the burden of these overdoses.


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WA Department of Health is seeking to establish a contract for the provision of an expert resource which will provide consultation to the Department of Health and the Department of Jobs, Tourism and Industry on a joint initiative. The ‘Strategic Linkage Advisor’, will provide strategic linkage advice, research, analysis, stakeholder management and inter-governmental coordination on matters relating to data linkage.