Consumer and Community Participation Policy

The PHRN Consumer and Community Participation policy has been developed by the PHRN Ethics, Privacy and Consumer Engagement Advisory Group and was endorsed by the Management Council in November 2010. 

The PHRN Consumer and Community Participation Policy is aimed at ensuring the development and management of the PHRN infrastructure is carried out with the appropriate level of input from consumers and community members.

It also aims to ensure that all research conducted outlines the following value statements of the PHRN around consumer and community participation in its activities:

  • The PHRN recognises and supports the central role of health consumers and community members in health and medical research;
  • The PHRN supports active partnerships and collaborations between consumers, community members and the PHRN to make decisions about the planning, governance, operations and evaluation of the PHRN;
  • The PHRN will ensure appropriate resources are provided for education and training of employees and consumers on consumer and community participation;
  • All projects using the PHRN infrastructure will be aimed at understanding and/or improving the health and well-being of the Australian people and will be in the public interest; and
  • Information on current PHRN projects and PHRN project outcomes will be made publicly available and easily accessible in plain language to the wider community.

The policy will be supported by a set of guidelines currently being developed by the Advisory Group that will assist in its implementation by all PHRN Participants. For the full version of the policy please click here.