Proof of Concept Collaborations

The PHRN funded four Proof of Concept (PoC) Collaborations. These collaborations have now concluded. The purpose of the PoC Collaborations was to test the data linkage infrastructure established through the PHRN and provide early evidence of the ability of the PHRN to support research of national importance. The PoC Collaborations needed to display technical and logistical aims (demonstration of the capability of national data linkage involving the PHRN-funded infrastructure) as well as epidemiological aims (the value of linking national data for health findings).  Results from the Collaborations will be used to inform the development of the infrastructure but will also be integral to promoting the PHRN and supporting its business case for future investment. Studies that are part of the Proof of Concept Collaborations include

In-hospital and post-discharge mortality: learning about quality of care using data linkages from Australian States (PoC #1)

Burden and cost of the injury-attributable health care use and mortality in Australia (PoC #2)

Perinatal outcomes and child development (risk and protective factors) (PoC #3)

Linkage of the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) and state-based registers to evaluate and inform Australia's immunisation program (PoC #4)