International spotlight on data linkage - the EuroREACH perspective

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Key developments in data linkage across Europe have been the focus of a major international event in Tel Aviv. Australia's Emma Fuller was an invited guest.

EuroREACH -  Access to health care data for cross-country comparisons of efficiency and quality

In May, Emma Fuller of Data Linkage Australia and the International Health Data Linkage Network, was invited to attend EuroREACH meetings in Berlin and Tel Aviv as an External Expert.

EuroREACH is an EU funded project aimed at providing health researchers with tools to access health data about care and diseases for EU-wide comparability studies. Additionally, it is intended that a framework for data linkage of European data will be completed, with a proof of concept project focusing on the care received by chronic diabetes sufferers. Information from patient registries, hospital data and administrative sources will be linked across participating EU countries.

Core EuroREACH participants met in Berlin to discuss national data systems, data access and protection, comparability assurance, data sustainability and stewardship and various case studies.

In Tel Aviv, external experts from Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Israel, UK, and the USA met to advise on building data systems for health services research, linkage methods, standardising coding systems, minimum requirements for component data sets and balancing access and privacy.

There will be a further two meetings of the EuroREACH external experts in 2011 and 2012.

Emma presented at both meetings about the data linkage operations in WA and Australia and of course took the opportunity to encourage all EuroREACH members to attend the International Health Data Linkage Conference in Perth, May 2012.

For more information on Emma's visit click here.

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