UK Administrative Data Research Network

UK Administrative Data Research Network

Monday, December 31, 2012

The Administrative Data Taskforce (UK), which was formed in December 2011, with the aim of improving access to and linkage between government administrative data for research and policy purposes has released its report.

The Taskforce recommends the establishment of the UK Administrative Research Network which will provide a robust data management and governance arrangement for analysing de-identified routinely collected administrative data.

There are examples in the UK of administrative data being linked between government departments and used productively in research projects. However, the number of examples is too few, the time taken to get agreement to use such data is too long, inconsistent decisions are being taken within government departments concerning rules of access and, most frustratingly, the legislative framework provided to allow for linkages to be made across departments is cumbersome and inefficient.

The Taskforce's recommendations include legislative changes which would allow research that is already technically feasible to be undertaken in a much more consistent, reliable and efficient manner.

A copy of the final report can be found here.

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