Diana Rosman awarded the Public Health Association of Australia WA Community Award 2014

Monday, December 1, 2014

The PHRN are proud to congratulate Diana Rosman, Manager of the WA Data Linkage Branch, on being awarded the Public Health Association Australia WA Community Award 2014 for her significant contribution to public health. The Community Award recognises activity that contributes to positive community outcomes in response to key public health issues; and provides benefit and relevance to the community.

Diana has managed Australia’s first Data Linkage Branch for the past 15 years and championed data linkage activities at national and international levels which have influenced health policy and practice both in WA and nationally. Diana is a member of the PHRN Management Council and PHRN Proof of Concept Reference Group. Diana was the Chief Investigator of the PHRN's first Proof of Concept collaboration which investigated in-hospital and post-discharge mortality and linked hospital and mortality data from four jurisdictions.

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