World Cancer Day - 4 February 2018

World Cancer Day - 4 February 2018

Friday, February 02, 2018

World Cancer day is Sunday 4 February 2018. One of the most common areas covered in PHRN publications includes cancer research.  This is a recent case study demonstrating how the PHRN infrastructure has recently helped researchers.

Rural patients not receiving recommended colorectal cancer treatment

The Challenge - To assess patterns of care and adherence to the guidelines for colorectal cancer management. Disparities in treatment was explored.

How the PHRN Infrastructure Helped - SANT DataLink linked records from South Australian Cancer Registry, hospital data, radiotherapy data and hospital-based cancer registry systems.

The Result - About 83% of colon and 56% of rectal cancer patients received recommended treatment. Provision of neo-adjuvant/adjuvant therapies may be less than optimal.

Beckmann, K. R., et al. (2014). "Treatment patterns among colorectal cancer patients in South Australia: a demonstration of the utility of population-based data linkage." Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 20: 467–477.

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Data linkage has a significant role in reduction of cervical cancer in Australia. The HPV vaccine was introduced in 2007, success of the vaccine was monitored by linking vaccine registers to cervical smear registers in Queensland & Victoria.

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Please note our Christmas and New Year office shutdown days and times for the Program Office and the rest of our data linkage infrastructure. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!