PHRN 10 Year Anniversary

PHRN 10 Year Anniversary

Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Looking back over the past 10 years many things, including our logo, have changed.

The PHRN was established through a funding agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia, represented by the then Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, and the University of Western Australia as the PHRN Lead Agent.

The vision was for a facility with nodes distributed across Australia, which would provide researchers with state-of-the-art health data linkage facilities and services.

Our work would not be possible without the support and input of our Board, our Participants and all our funding partners

Today, PHRN is proud to be Australia's national data linkage network.

If you have any photographs or images showing the changes from 2009 to 2019, we would love to hear from you!  Please email them to Nicola Tew.

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PHRN COVID-19 Offering

Our network remains open. The network is interoperable & can source expertise, technology & data from around the country. Our expert staff are highly qualified & experienced in linkage of patient data, including population-based administrative data as well as linkage of research cohort data.

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IMPACT STORY | Linked data in the fight against COVID-19. How Australia’s national data linkage research infrastructure helped the nation battle a once-in-a-lifetime public health emergency.