Webinar Wednesday - Kate Miller

Webinar Wednesday - Kate Miller

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Webinar Wednesday - 18 September - 12noon AEST

"Is low sun exposure during early life a risk factor for type 1 diabetes? " by Kate Miller, PhD Student

For the next few weeks, on a Wednesday lunch time, we will bring to you researchers who have used our PHRN network to assist with data linkage and their specific research.

This week we have  Kate Miller, PhD Student with Telethon Kids Institute. Kate will be talking about the topic “Is low sun exposure during early life a risk factor for type 1 diabetes?”.

Over the past decade, UVR exposure has become of increasing interest in relation to the development of type 1 diabetes because of its immunomodulatory actions mediated through production of vitamin D, cis-urocanic acid, nitric oxide and stimulation of other pathways. Exploration of possible benefits of UVR exposure requires its accurate measurement. Kate will discuss how linked data was used to validate the use of NASA satellite data of erythemal UVR dose as a proxy for UVR exposure, as measured by serum 25 hydroxyvitamin D levels, during pregnancy, an identified critical life stage of exposure for autoimmune diseases.

She will also share the results from a recent nested case-control study investigating the association between UVR during gestation and the first year of life and type 1 diabetes risk. The study utilised individually linked data from the Midwives’ Notification System, the Western Australian Children’s Diabetes Database and the Western Australian Death Registrations which were then merged with NASA satellite data. This population-based study is the first study to examine date and location-specific ambient UVR levels throughout pregnancy and infancy and T1D risk.

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