PHRN Tech Talk - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Data Linkage

PHRN Tech Talk - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Data Linkage

Thursday, November 04, 2021

PHRN Tech Talk - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Data Linkage | Tuesday 9 November 2021

We have been lucky to secure Marcos Barreto, Assistant Professorial Lecturer, Department of Statistics, The London School of Economics to give a Tech Talk on "Efforts and developments on record linkage over massive databases: methods, tools and case studies".

This webinar will be held on Tuesday 9 November 2021 at 7.30am London Time | 3.30pm Perth Time | 6.00pm Adelaide Time | 6.30pm Mel/Syd/Can Time.

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About the Speaker

Marcos is an Assistant Professorial Lecturer in Data Science, teaching Distributed Computing for Big Data (ST446), Artificial Intelligence (ST449), Deep Learning (ST456) and Databases (ST207). He is also coordinating Capstone projects (ST498) in the MSc Data Science programme and is an affiliate with the LSE Data Science Institute, involved with teaching and research initiatives related to data science across LSE.

Before joining LSE, Marcos worked for 10 years as an associate professor at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), northeast Brazil, preceded by other 12 years as assistant professor in private universities in south Brazil. He holds a PhD in Computer Science (2010, UFRGS, Brazil) and a Postgraduate Certificate in Health Data Science (2018, University College London, UK), where he also worked as a Newton International Post-Doctoral Researcher (2016-2018, The Royal Society, UK) at the Institute of Health Informatics.

Marcos’ research interests comprise high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and big data linkage and analytics. He is an associate researcher at CIDACS (Centre for Data and Knowledge Integration for Health), managed by FIOCRUZ (Salvador, Brazil), where he contributes to bespoke data linkage tools supporting the design of massive population-based cohorts; and associate researcher at the Applied Research Centre in Artificial Intelligence for Industry (SENAI-CIMATEC, Brazil). Over the last 10 years, he has been involved in several international cooperation projects funded by NVIDIA, Google. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, MRC, Wellcome Trust, Royal Academy of Engineering, and The Royal Society.


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