Linkage Luminaries Webinar with Professor Leonie Segal

Linkage Luminaries Webinar with Professor Leonie Segal

Thursday, July 07, 2022

Linkage Luminaries Webinar with Professor Leonie Segal

PHRN is excited to host our next webinar for 2022 in our "Linkage Luminaries" webinar series with Professor Leonie Segal from the University of South Australia on Wednesday 20 July 2022 at 12noon AEST, 11.30am ACST, 10am AWST.

Improving life-course outcomes and disrupting Intergenerational disadvantage - The role of linked administrative data

With growing evidence of the impact of childhood adversity, and especially child abuse and neglect, on mental and physical health and social and economic outcomes across life, Professor Segal's research program is designed to better understand and ultimately address this pathway into disadvantage. It is in grappling with these wicked problems that we have the greatest opportunity to turn lives around.

Working with an interdisciplinary team and in partnership with government and the NGO sector her research is seeking to i) quantify the relationship between childhood adversity - specifically child abuse and neglect - and poor health, social and economic outcomes – using a large linked data set of >600,000 persons born in SA since 1986, ii) identify options for intervening to disrupt these pathways and iii) advocate for policy and practice change that will help vulnerable children and their families and reduce societal costs. This research forms the basis of this presentation.

A bit about our speaker...

Professor Segal’s current research focus is on child abuse and neglect (CAN), cause and consequence pathways, seeking to estimate the impact on of CAN on health and wellbeing across the life course and intergenerationally as well as budget impacts. Segal has a national/ international reputation as a leading health economist exploring pathways into and out of social disadvantage, working at the evidence/policy/practice interface drawing, in recent years on large linked administrative data sets. Segal has been awarded >$20million in nationally competitive research grants from the ARC and NHMRC, together with research grants from government and other agencies. She is contributing to knowledge creation, with over 250 publications, most in international peer-reviewed journals, and has been a member of high-profile government committees, such as the Minister’s Preventive Health Taskforce. She has generated and been working with several large linked administrative data sets to study challenging public health issues in the context of vulnerable populations. These include the iCAN study – to quantify the impacts of child abuse and neglect, the children of prisoners project, to estimate the impacts of maternal incarceration on their children and an evaluation of the infant home visiting program for new Aboriginal parents in Central Australia.  Segal is working with the government and the non-government sector and members of parliament to explore research translation opportunities and ‘best buys’.

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