PHRN Australia announces partnership with HDRN Canada

PHRN Australia announces partnership with HDRN Canada

Thursday, September 01, 2022

PHRN Australia announces partnership with HDRN Canada

Population Health Research Network (PHRN) Australia, a leading organization that enables existing data from around Australia to be brought together and made available for research, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Health Data Research Network (HDRN) Canada.

As researchers and policymakers continue to face public health challenges that transcend international borders, this partnership signifies a new commitment to advance population data linkage in both countries by learning from one another.

“The PHRN is excited to be working in partnership with HDRN Canada. Australia is a leader in population linked data and this international collaboration will further enhance the development of linked data research to address science and research priorities to benefit communities around the globe.” said Dr. Merran Smith, Chief Executive, PHRN.

“HDRN Canada, PHRN, and our member organizations are part of an international community that is committed to learning together,” said Dr. Kim McGrail, Scientific Director and CEO, HDRN Canada.

“This is how we will continue to enhance our data access services that are safe, scalable, efficient, and able to support research on complex health and social topics.”

PHRN and HDRN Canada currently collaborate in a number of ways, including joint conference presentations and workshops, joint publications, knowledge sharing, and common participation on international committees and networks.

Members from PHRN and HDRN Canada will be giving a joint presentation at this year’s International Population Data Linkage Network (IPDLN) Conference on the topic, “Cross-jurisdictional data access processes and coordination in two countries: key learnings and innovative approaches”. Their presentation will outline the two organizations’ respective approaches to supporting the discovery of available data resources, and coordinating applications and approvals for cross-jurisdictional data access. The two networks will also jointly facilitate a pre-conference workshop entitled, Connecting and Sharing with Industry.

Future collaboration include joint staff professional development opportunities, further exploration of methodological and/or technical innovation, and more.

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