Written Submissions

Written Submissions

The Review Panel received written submissions from the following organisations and individuals:

1. The Australian Bureau of Statistics

2. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (confidential submission)

3. Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health

4. Prof Mark Daniel

5. The Fraser Mustard Centre

6. Health Consumers' Alliance of South Australia

7. Individual researcher (confidential submission)

8. Information and Privacy Commission NSW

9. PHRN Centre for Data Linkage, Curtin University (confidential submission)

10. PHRN Ethics, Privacy and Consumer Engagement Advisory Group

11. PHRN Management Council

12. PHRN Program Office

13. PHRN Proof of Concept Reference Group

14. Queensland Health

15. Prof David Roder

16. SA NT DataLink Steering Committee

17. The Sax Institute (confidential submission)

18. South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute

19. University of Queensland

20. University of Western Australia