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Metadata Toolbox Project

Metadata Toolbox Project

Metadata is the information that defines and describes data.  It is the underlying definition or structured description of the content, quality, condition or other characteristics of data. For the purposes of population level linked data, this metadata can be any descriptive data that is collected with the original data. This metadata can be used to enhance discoverability, to enhance the original data itself, and importantly, to enable the user to make an informed decision about whether the data are fit for the required purpose.

PHRN will use the existing progress that has been made on a PHRN Metadata Resource to enhance the discoverability and evaluation of core datasets on the PHRN web page. Researchers will be able to make decisions on the utility, applicability, and evaluation of a dataset for their purposes.

The scope of the project is to research best practices and provide an online solution to facilitate researchers’ access to information about the availability and quality of linked or linkable data across Australia. This can be achieved through the provision of an online PHRN metadata catalogue. In the first instance, this could be restricted to the core datasets only, or to the core datasets and most requested additional datasets.

Project status: Ongoing