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Development of nationally consistent researcher education framework and information resources

Development Of Nationally Consistent Researcher Education Framework And Information Resources

The PHRN Program Office and Data Linkage Units (DLUs) have a wealth of information available for researchers to help them to navigate access to linkage services and to understand linkage processes.  However, the information is not displayed consistently and some DLUs have more established materials than others.  Some DLUs offer formal researcher training in this area, though the majority do not. 

This project seeks to establish consistent information materials across all Australian Data Linkage Units (DLUs) and the Population Health Research Network (PHRN) Program Office to support researchers in navigating access to linkage services and understanding linkage concepts and processes.

The project is to be completed in two phases. In Phase 1, a communications consultant led a working group of DLU and PHRN representatives who discussed experiences, approaches and existing materials. This information was collated, and a report of recommended core topics and resources was produced. The report recommendations informed that the development of a nationally consistent framework of information to support researcher access and understanding of data linkage services was required. This framework supported further development of training materials, which formed part of Phase 2 of the project in 2021/22.

In Phase 2, a training expert was engaged to provide advice on the training framework and how best to implement data linkage training materials. If budget allows, some training materials will be developed.

Project status: Ongoing