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SURE Capability and Capacity Enhancement


The SURE Enhancement Project was completed on 30 June 2022 having delivered significant new insights, capabilities and reduced fees for SURE researchers and data custodians including:

  • Report on System Requirements, Use Cases and Capabilities which was derived from extensive consultations with 50 leading researchers, ethicists and data custodians

  • Assessment of Platform Technologies to Deliver Enhances Services which made a comparison of three platforms including consideration of platform features, deployment and pricing. The consultants found that the SURE platform with its current offerings and enhancements in progress or planned will meet the ongoing requirements of SURE users

  • Significant enhancements to SURE services and capabilities including:

    1. The delivery of more flexible computing resources and reduced fees for use in October 2021
    2. A Secure Sandbox to allow fast and hassle-free researcher access to synthetic datasets in May 2022
    3. The purchase and deployment support for artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques in the form of graphics processing units (GPUs) and software support in June 2022
    4. The availability of file access logging within the SURE environment as an added security assurance measure.

A summary report of the project is available here.

Project Status:  complete