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Single Online Data Application (SODA)

Single Online Application System Soda

In consultation and agreement with all Data Linkage Units (DLU), the PHRN developed the Online Application System (OAS) in 2015 to enable researchers to apply for linked data from one or more DLUs at a central point for single-, multi-, and cross-jurisdictional linked data projects. The intent of the OAS is to complement and comply with requirements of the jurisdiction-level services. The OAS form is used to coordinate access to cross-jurisdictional linked data applications by all Australian state and territory DLUs and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s (AIHW) DLU. Some jurisdictions have additional forms that must be completed to adhere to departmental requirements.

The OAS is well used for cross-jurisdictional projects, but not to the full extent of its capabilities. The data extraction feature could be used by jurisdictions to populate their own forms, but is not being utilised. The SODA project aims to discover the reasons why the full capability of the OAS is not being used, assess the current system for improvements, and implement a solution that will produce or enhance a PHRN online form that is accepted by all PHRN data linkage units and ensures a national collaborative and coordinated approach to multi- and cross-jurisdictional linked data projects.

Project Status: Ongoing