Collaborative Publications

International research publication collaborations

Australian based researchers who access the PHRN data linkage infrastructure to conduct linked data research collaborate with researchers based overseas. A review of the peer-reviewed research publications that have resulted from researchers’ use of the PHRN infrastructure (2010-2015) found that:

  • There were 37 peer-reviewed research publications with one or more international authors
  • There were 54 authors who were affiliated with government agencies, universities and research institutes in 11 countries other than Australia
  • A total of 18 (out of the 37) peer-reviewed research publications mapped to the National Health Priority Areas (NHPAs) and one of these publications mapped to two NHPAs. A total of 19 peer-reviewed research publications did not map to NHPAs. The topics of the unmapped publications included health disparities, infectious diseases, health economics and childhood health and development.
  • The 37 peer-reviewed research publications were published in 36 journals.

More information about international collaborations identified through our publication analysis can be found here.

Industry research publication collaborations

A review of the peer reviewed research publications that have resulted from use of the PHRN infrastructure (2010-2015) highlighted industry collaborations. To date, most industry collaborations have been with the government sector which includes researchers who are based in state, territory, Commonwealth Government Departments, agencies or services such as public hospitals.

More information about PHRN publications involving industry partners can be found here.