For the Community



The Population Health Research Network (PHRN) recognises, supports and values the central role of consumers and community members in health and medical research.

It has developed strategies and programs to ensure that the ongoing development of the PHRN, and its role in enhancing Australia's data linkage capabilities, is done with understanding and input from health consumer groups and the wider community.

The PHRN also recognises and supports the 'Statement on Consumer and Community Participation in Health and Medical Research ( NHMRC/CHF (2001) National Health and Medical Research Council/ Consumers' Health Forum of Australia, Canberra) and acknowledges the central role of consumers and community members in the governance and operations of the Network.


The PHRN has been funded to provide data linkage infrastructure to support health and health related research across Australia.

Its ultimate aim is to help improve health and well-being and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of health services by improving the quality and accessibility of health data provided to approved researchers.

Fundamental to the governance and successful day-to-day operation of the PHRN are its efforts to ensure an individuals right to privacy in the data linkage process.

Extensive efforts are being made from both a privacy and a security point of view to enable the PHRN to enact and maintain the best possible safeguards to ensure its work, and that of its data linkage units, is safe, secure and respectful. (Read more about our privacy and security measures).