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  • Data Science Week 2022

    Thursday, 12 May 2022 

    It's #DataScienceWeek!

    To assist with your data science journey we have recorded 3 videos - Intro to Data Linkage Series covering the basics of data linkage, how to design & plan a linkage study & accessing cross jurisdictional linked data.

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  • PHRN Linkage Luminaries Webinar with Professor Louisa Jorm

    Thursday, 12 May 2022 

    Excited to have Professor Louisa Jorm present at our next PHRN Linkage Luminaries webinar on 18 May 2022 at 12noon AEST, 10am AWST.

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  • Development and implementation of a national online application system for cross-jurisdictional linked data

    Thursday, 28 April 2022 

    This project has demonstrated that a coordinated application process for all nine (six states, two territories and the Commonwealth) Australian jurisdictions is both necessary and possible despite the differing policy, governance and regulatory environments. Its establishment is a significant achievement and Australia is the first federated nation to implement a coordinated application process for researchers to apply for access to cross-jurisdictional linked data in all jurisdictions.

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  • PHRN Linkage Luminaries Webinar Series with Professor Melissa Green

    Tuesday, 12 April 2022 

    Excited for our next Linkage Luminaries webinar for 2022 with Professor Melissa Green

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  • 2021 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap

    Thursday, 07 April 2022 

    The Commonwealth Government has just released the 2021 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap.

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  • PHRN Linkage Luminaries webinar with Professor Dominique Cadilhac and Associate Professor Monique Kilkenny recording now available

    Thursday, 07 April 2022 

    PHRN Linkage Luminaries webinar with Professor Dominique Cadilhac and Associate Professor Monique Kilkenny recording now available.

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  • Let's Navigate Data Linkage

    Tuesday, 05 April 2022 

    Linked administrative data is a valuable research tool. However, the researcher journey to accessing linked data is sometimes a complex process.

    To help navigate this process, the PHRN has developed a video and four infographics to help you better understand the linkage process and write a strong application.

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  • PHRN Linkage Luminaries with Professor Dominique Cadilhac and Associate Professor Monique Kilkenny

    Thursday, 17 March 2022 

    PHRN is excited to host our first webinar for 2022 in our "Linkage Luminaries" webinar series for 2022 with Professor Dominique Cadilhac & Associate Professor Monique Kilkenny on Thursday 31 March 2022 at 12noon AEDT, 11.30am ACDT, 9am AWST.

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  • Using linked data to improve the health of people who experience incarceration

    Wednesday, 23 February 2022 

    Investing in the health of people released from prison can simultaneously improve their wellbeing and avoid a return to jail, research suggests.

    A recent study found that people who presented to emergency departments frequently after their release from prison were more likely than those who did not attend an ED to return to jail.

    The finding is one of dozens from the Health After Release from Prison (HARP) project, the largest prospective cohort study of people released from prisons anywhere in the world.

    The study combines rich baseline surveys with prison medical records, and retrospectively and prospectively linked state health and correctional records, and Commonwealth data including Medicare, PBS, and death records.

    Professor Kinner, who heads the Justice Health Unit at The University of Melbourne and leads the HARP study, says investing in healthcare can help prevent reincarceration.

    Other findings from the project include remarkably low uptake of prescribed contraception among women released from prison, very low uptake of prescribed smoking cessation aids, and very poor engagement with community mental health services.

    People released from prison also experience high rates of non-fatal overdose and injuries, notably including high rates of self-harm, and are more likely to be victims of violence.

    “The HARP cohort has shone a light on what happens to people released from prison in a way that no other study ever really has,” Professor Kinner says.

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  • NCRIS: The power behind Australia’s science

    Wednesday, 09 February 2022 

    Australian science continues to make national and international headlines, most recently focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2019 – 2020 Australian bushfires. Behind these headlines, you will find a community of impassioned researchers. And behind them, you will find a network of research enablers from NCRIS, the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy. Since 2004, NCRIS has enabled a wealth of research excellence, making it both headline worthy and a critical pillar of the Australian economy. Leading economists agree.

    Recently, a number of research infrastructure organisations from the NCRIS community commissioned Lateral Economics (LE) to assess the positive impacts of NCRIS for Australian society and the economy. LE’s report has identified ways in which NCRIS funding has and will continue to support the Australian community and economy.

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