Strategic Plan 2017-2026

PHRN Strategic Plan

PHRN supports world-class research though privacy-preserving linkage of administrative data. PHRN invests in infrastructure that boosts Australia’s capacity to link population data. Our network includes leading universities, research institutes and government agencies. Research done using the linked data generates new knowledge and supports improvements in the delivery of a wide range of human services.

Our vision

Linking life data to improve the wellbeing of all Australians

Our Mission

To lead and enable the linking of data for world class, action-oriented research

Our Goals

1. Innovative infrastructure

Lead and invest in national collaborative, innovative data linkage infrastructure.

2. World class research and analysis

Facilitate and grow the use of linked data for world class, action-oriented research.

3. Advocacy and communication

Advocate for better access to and use of linked data, and communicate research findings.

4. Successful collaborations

Foster collaborations between researchers, governments and industry partners.


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